Book of Mormon Family Home Evening Lesson Seventeen

MBM: A New Convert
BMS: Aaron Teaches King Lamoni’s Father

Theme: We can be brave missionaries.
Scripture: Alma 19:36

We did this lesson as a treasure hunt. Steps:

(1) Print out the following clues:
1. Missionaries wash their own clothes and they can use one of these to do it.
2. Missionaries cook their own meals and this thing lets them cook quickly.
3. Missionaries wear suits or dresses, which are stored in this place.
4. Missionaries use this as a place to rest so they will be ready to work hard.
5. Missionaries knock on a lot of these in order to meet people.

(2) Print out the words WE CAN BE BRAVE MISSIONARIES on separate pieces of paper, one copy of each word for each child.

(3) In your dryer, hide clue #2, the word CAN, and GAPK #233.

(4) In your microwave, hide clue #3, the word BRAVE, and GAPK #612.

(5) In a clothes closet, hide clue #4, the word WE, and GAPK #125.

(6) Under a bed pillow, hide clue #5, the word BE, and GAPK #205.

(7) Near your front door, hide the word MISSIONARIES and GAPK #217.

(8) You start the treasure hunt by giving your kids the first clue. Discuss each picture and the story behind it, focusing on how the person in the picture is being a missionary.

(9) At the end of the hunt, your kids will need to arrange their wordstrips in order to have the phrase WE CAN BE BRAVE MISSIONARIES. This is your introduction to the story of Aaron and King Lamoni.

1 comment for “Book of Mormon Family Home Evening Lesson Seventeen

  1. Eric Myers
    November 14, 2004 at 6:42 pm

    Last Monday, Kari (my wife) and I used this lesson as the basis for our Family Home Evening. Our children (ages 10, 8, 3, and 3 months) thoroughly enjoyed the lesson and we had a good discussion as well. I just wanted to thank your making these lessons available. I am not sure people realize the level of creativity and careful thought that it takes to create such a lesson. Thank you for sharing with those of us who are less capable.

    Thank you also for your comments on women in the scriptures. I have been using some of your thoughts in teaching the gospel to my oldest daughter. You should have seen her eyes light up when we talked about how the woman at the well was a brave missionary.

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