Around the Blogs: Planet LDS

I just noticed (via A Soft Answer) a new bloggernacle aggregation blog — Planet LDS, at KZION. The site includes feeds from almost 50 bloggernaclites, including Times and Seasons. Techies will note that this aggregation is identical to what anyone can do with an aggregator (for example, the free one at Bloglines). However, Planet LDS’s pre-set aggregation blog is a useful fill-in for any readers too busy, lazy, or Luddite to set up their own aggregators.

Caveat: For those who don’t know, let me note that there is an important limitation if you’re reading Planet LDS instead of setting up your own aggregator. That limitation is that you’ll only see posts from the blogs that Planet LDS has selected for its aggregation list; you can’t add other blogs that you like or take out ones that you find boring. However, (1) that’s the price you pay for using someone else’s aggregated blogs rather than setting up your own aggregator; and (2) Planet LDS has compiled a very good list of bloggernacle blogs, and most readers are probably unlikely to disagree much with their choices.

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  1. December 21, 2004 at 9:07 pm

    Alas, I’m not on their list.

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