Primary Lesson 33 Supplement

ELIJAH ACTIVITY “Sharing Time: The Miraculous Story of Elijah!� Friend, Feb, 1983, contains a great activity about Elijah and several ideas for using it in class.

PRIESTHOOD FLANNEL BOARD STORY “Sharing Time: Priesthood Blessings,� Friend, June 1995, contains a flannel board story that could be used in a variety of ways.

BREAD MAKING Bring bread ingredients premeasured into a ziploc bag for each child. As you tell them the story, let them mix and knead their ingredients (in the sealed bag—no mess!) until they have bread dough. Ask them to imagine that they are the widow woman, cooking their very last bit of food, with no hope of getting more. This will help the children understand the faith that the woman had. Let them take their dough home with baking instructions and encourage them to share this scripture story with their families as they eat the bread.

ACTIVITY ON GOD’S PROVISIONS: Write the following texts on slips of paper (do not include what is in the parentheses), roll them up and put them all in a small container.

1. Matt. 14:19 (loaves and fishes)
2. Ex. 16:15 (manna)
3. Matt. 17:27 (tax money)
4. John 13:5 (He provided them with a servant, Himself. He washed their feet.)
5. Luke 8:25 (peace)
6. John 2:7-9 (wine)
7. Joshua 10:13,14 (extra daylight time)
8. Joshua 10:11 (hailstones)

Have the children choose a rolled up text from the container. After looking up the text they decide what God provided in order to take care of His friends and share it with the class. If you want something more active, your kids can act out their scripture while the class tries to guess the event.

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    what about lesson 32?
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    Um . . . I just realized that I had posted #32 but had called it #33. I’ll fix that. Thanks for letting me know!

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