Joseph Smith Legal Trials (Missouri Period and Missouri Extradition attempts) at Miller-Eccles

This weekend, Morris Thurston will present on Joseph Smith’s legal trials, at the Miller-Eccles group meeting here in California. Information on the presentation and the presenter is as follows:


Joseph Smith carried out his ministry under intense and unrelenting adversity. He was constantly under siege by many persistent legal prosecutions. Anyone who has been through even one lawsuit knows how all-consuming it can be. It can demand your time, assets, body and mind. Morris Thurston will follow-up the October 2006 presentation by Joseph Bentley on the lawsuit against Joseph Smith by focusing on the Nauvoo period, and particularly the extradition demands of the State of Missouri. These extradition writs put tremendous pressure on Joseph Smith, forcing him into hiding several times, and disrupting his ministry and the functioning of the Church and Nauvoo. The writs were an important contributing factor leading to the martyrdom of the Prophet. Morris Thurston is an expert in the Missouri period, and particularly with respect to the writs of extradition.

Don’t miss this stimulating evening!


Morris A. Thurston has handled a variety of significant cases for both public and private companies. His particular expertise is in trial and appellate practice, and intellectual property law. He is also an experienced and successful business litigator. He has represented numerous companies as lead trial lawyer in connection with trademark and copyright infringement lawsuits. Since his retirement, Morris has devoted considerable time to the Joseph Smith Papers Project, and is the go-to expert on the Missouri-era legal trials and issues involving Joseph Smith.

The presentation will take place in the evening, in Orange County (Friday) and Los Angeles (Saturday). More information, including directions and contact information, is available at the Miller-Eccles website.