Primary Lesson #7 Supplement

Primary Lesson #7 Supplement

SCRIPTURE MARKING: Each child will need their own copy of the scriptures and a pen/pencil for this exercise.

MATCHING GAME: Laurel Rohlfing, “Sharing Time: Choices and Gospel Guideposts,” Friend, Feb 1989, 12, contains a game about temptations that would be a good review of this lesson.

OBJECT LESSON: On a large piece of cloth or a bed sheet, write DECIDE, PRAY, LISTEN TO THE HOLY SPIRIT. (If you don’t want to write directly on the cloth, you could write on a sheet of paper and then tape the paper to the cloth.) You will also need several pairs of tightly rolled up pairs of socks for this activity. Have one child walk across the room while the other students stand at the opposite wall and throw socks at the walker. When it is your turn, put the sheet in front of you so that the socks hit the sheet and not you. Point out that deciding, praying, and listening to the Spirit can protect us from feeling the full force of temptations.

MEMORIZATION ACTIVITY: For this activity, you will need eight smooth, flat stones and a permanent marker. (This is to make a class set: if you want to make a set for each child, you would need eight stones per child.) On one stone draw a picture of a Bible. On a second stone draw a stick figure standing man. On the third stone draw a stick figure man lying down. On a fourth stone draw a loaf of bread. On the fifth stone write some simple words such as and, the, and a. On the sixth stone draw some small footprints. On the seventh stone draw a mouth or pair of lips. On the eighth stone print the text, Matthew 4:4. Pile the rocks in a corner of the room. Show the children where the memory verse is found in the Bible. Explain that “It is written” means the words are from the Bible. Have the children gather around the pile of rocks in the corner. Ask them to pick one out that reminds them of the words of the memory verse, “It is written” (The bible). Set that rock off to the side. Ask for help in choosing a rock that reminds them of the word “man” (standing man). Place that rock next to the rock with the Bible on it. Continue finding memory verse words and rocks with pictures that represent those words. (“Does not live” – man lying down; “on bread alone” – loaf of bread; “but on every word” – rock with simple words printed on it; “that comes from” – small footprints; “the mouth of God” – pair of lips). Help the children learn the verse by mixing the rocks up and placing them in correct order by recalling which words went with the picture on the rock.

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    Thank you! These are great!

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