Author: Julie M. Smith

Welcome, Angry People


As is usually the case, when Times & Seasons is mentioned by another news outlet (in this case, the Salt Lake Tribune), some of their readers come here. And, today, some of them sound pretty mad. First, I’d like to point out that if you are also visiting us for the first time, the kinds of comments you find on that post are not our normal fare. Please come back in a few days when the drive-by commenters have left. Second, we’ve closed comments on that post because so many of them violated the spirit if not the letter of our comment policies. Third, I’d like to provide some food for thought for anyone who came here angry after reading the Tribune article and was planning on making a comment with any of the following words in it: communism, socialism, excommunicated, moron, anti-family, evil, devil, or satan. I’m not interested in getting any of you to change your politics. (Not…

Revelation Conference Reminder

The Mormon Theology Seminar, in conjunction with BYU’s Richard L. Evans Chair of Religious Understanding and the Latter-day Saint Student Association at UT-Austin, is hosting a conference titled “Latter-day Saint Readings of Revelation 21-22.”