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A Mormon Image: Generations


In honor of my grandfather, who passed away yesterday at the tender age of 93, I thought I’d post a few photographs.  He was a kind and generous man who was always upright in his dealings and loved to surround himself with family.  He was not a member of the Church (my mother is a convert), but he led a moderate and principled life that will continue to serve as an example to me. His memory will be carried by his children and numerous grandchildren and great-grandchildren.  This last fall, my wife and I were lucky enough to sneak away to Switzerland with our son and spend some time with him while he was still in good health.  Here we are visiting the grave of my late grandmother–my grandfather’s wife of 65 years. by Marc Bohn ___ These pictures are part of our ongoing series highlighting Mormon images. Comments to the post are welcome; all comments should be respectful. In…