Of interest

While our comments are down (hopefully to be remedied soon), may I suggest that readers look at some fun early posts from the archives? Such as

  • Should Members be Allowed to Sue the Church?
  • Mormons and Natural Law
  • Race in Church Class Teaching
  • What Exactly does “Reason Stare” Mean Anyway?
  • What Does the Church Tell Us About the Environment?
  • Also, there are lots of fun goings-on around the ‘Net. A few are:

  • Ben Gose on Beliefnet discussing non-religious charitable giving in Utah (Utah is 48th out of 50 states in non-religious charitable giving!) (this article is actually kind of old — and undated, like all Beliefnet articles (argh!), but I just happened to notice it now);
  • Bob Caswell talks about guilt as part of church culture;
  • Dave discusses the church’s position on birth control;
  • Hmm, that’s probably enough for now.

    Update: After posting, I realized I should have included this: A [Mormon] Marine’s Journal.