Will Russell Support Bush?

Our very own Russell Arben Fox, who has endorsed Dick Gephardt on this site, is flirting with not thinking that Bush is the Great Satan. If I may over simplify Russell’s comments in a really gauche way, it seems that since Bush has been coming out in favor of spending lots of money on good stuff, that he seems (in policy terms) to be migrating toward Russell’s preferred position of social conservatism and economic egalatarianism. Of course, Bush isn’t quite there, but Rusell (and my friend David Bernstein) make an interesting point.

Alas, our comments are down, so I don’t get to read the reaction of our readers to Russell’s potential defection. However, since as Russell points out Sons of Mosiah seems to have become a home away from home for T&S commentors during our technical difficulties, perhaps you could post your comments there. Kaimi and I have been having an exchange (scroll up from this link for the full story) about the relative merits of various law school faculties on a thread that is in theory about BYU. Given that wondering off topic, I suggest that folks post their responses to Russell’s thoughts there.

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  1. Adam Greenwood
    January 30, 2004 at 9:47 pm

    The title sounds like we’re taking predictions or something, so here goes:

    the general divisiveness and bombast of campaign weakens the Grey Fox’s fragile overtures to the President. He ends up voting for a write-in or minor candidate. His black-tie, black-boot inaugural ball invite is revoked.

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