Book of Mormon FHE: Lesson Three

BMS: Lehi Leaves Jerusalem
MBM: The Wilderness

Scripture: 1 Nephi 2:1
Theme: (Because the two stories above emphasize different aspects of the story, I would suggest that the theme with BMS be prayer and with MBM be sacrifice.)

Songs: CS #119 and 158 for sacrifice or 119 and 22 for prayer.


(1) GAPK #301
(2) The Friend February 1992 page 5 flannel board
(3) for prayer theme: call up a relative on the phone and let everyone in the family talk with that person. Then make a comparison between talking with someone far away and prayer. Another option: set up three areas of your house to be different times of day (have props such as a pillow, lunch plate, bedtime stories, etc.) and a scripture in each location (for morning, Psalms 5:3, for noon, Psalms 55:17, for evening, Psalms 141:2). In each location, pretend that it is that time of day, read the verse, and discuss the types of things that you might pray for at that time of day.
(4) for sacrifice theme: have everyone write down their three favorite things. Then ask everyone to imagine that the Lord has asked them to travel somewhere where they cannot have those things. (If you are feeling melodramatic, boldly cross off what they have written down.) Discuss the idea of ‘sacrifice.’ You may want to discuss things that you have sacrificed (i.e., time and money to go on a mission) and how you have been blessed for that sacrifice.

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    sorry for my apostacy/illiteracy…

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    Lyle–go back to lesson one for info on these. THey are abbreviations for the two different story books you can use.

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