Book of Mormon FHE: Lesson Two

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BMS: Lehi warns the people
MBM: Lehi’s Vision

Scripture: 1 Nephi 1:4-20
Theme: The prophets will warn us.

Songs: CS #110


(1) Game: print out pictures of traffic warning signs. Have the kids pretend to be cars driving around and show each sign. You may need to explain what the signs mean. Then, ask the kids why we need traffic warning signs. Explain that the prophets serve a similar function: they warn us of things that are going to happen so we can be prepared. Discuss some of the things that prophets have warned us about today. Explain that this week’s story is about a prophet a long time ago who warned his people.

(2) GAPK #300 along with the scripture verse.

(3) From the January 2001 Friend, you can make a riddle game out of the Prophets (Adam, Lehi, and Joseph Smith).

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