Book of Mormon Family Home Evening Lesson Seven

BMS: Building a Ship
MBM: Building the Ship

Theme: God will help us.
Scripture: 1 Nephi 17:50-51

Songs: CS #120, esp. verse 2


(1) Introductory activity: Have the kids imagine that they are in the following situations. Then, ask who or what could help them in each case:

(a) they have been tossed into a pit to be eaten by lions (i.e., Daniel)
(b) the king has decided to kill their entire family (i.e., Esther)
(c) they are inside a whale (Jonah)

Make the point that no matter how bad a situation is, God can help us.

(2) As you tell the story, you may want to emphasize Nephi’s attitude.

(3) January 2004 Friend has a cute poem and picture of Nephi. You may want to mount it on heavy paper, cut it out, and write situations on the back that you can use for discussion, such as

(a) some kids are teasing you because you won’t wear short shorts
(b) your friends think you are dumb because you won’t go to a party with them on Sunday
(c) your brother is being mean to you and you really don’t want to be kind to him

Use this for a discussion about how God will help us in difficult situations.

(4) March 1992 Friend has flannel board figures for this story.

(This isn’t the most interesting lesson that I have done. If anyone has any creative ideas for this one, I’d love to hear them.)