Book of Mormon FHE: Lesson Five

BMS: Traveling in the Wilderness
MBM: The Liahona

Scripture: 1 Nephi 16:28
Theme: God will guide us.

Songs: CS #74


(1) (This game is pretty common; I can’t take credit for it.) Have one person leave the room with a piece of paper that looks like the Liahona. Everyone else hides one of the characters from the “Compass of Faith” activity in the June 1987 Friend. When the person returns, the others guide her or him by singing louder when s/he gets closer to the paper and softer when s/he gets farther away. When they find the paper, review what we know about that person (Lehi, Sariah, Laman, etc.) After the game, make the point that just as we guided the person by singing, God will guide us.

(2) GAPK #302

(3) Activity from the May 2000 Friend, “Keeping Promises.”

(4) Cut out a half dozen yellow balls. Explain that while we don’t have the Liahona, we do have things that guide us as the Liahona guided Lehi and his family. On each ball, write something that guides us today (such as: prophets, scriptures, the Holy Ghost, etc.)