And yet another new bloggernacker

New additions to the bloggernacle continue to proliferate. I imagine at some point we’ll have to find some new taskmasters and start forcing new bloggernackers to make bricks without straw. But for the moment, we’re happy to welcome them to the bloggernacle. On that note:

Rusty Clifton, over at his new blog, Nine Moons, has written several quality posts of late. He has an interesting discussion of symbolism in Mormon art. He also wonders if God has a sense of humor. Rusty’s blog looks like a great addition to the bloggernacle!

2 comments for “And yet another new bloggernacker

  1. August 18, 2004 at 5:25 pm

    I love the blog’s tag line: “A place to discuss Mormon doctrine, laugh at Mormon culture, and buy refurbished electronics.”

  2. August 18, 2004 at 8:06 pm

    I had a nice little comment on this but it grew on me and suddenly I decided it was meant to be a Wump Blog post rather than a comment. You can all breathe a deep sigh of relief now. :)

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