Book of Mormon Family Home Evening Lesson Eight

My main hope with this lesson is that Children’s Protective Services doesn’t knock on the door while the three-year-old is tied to the chair.

BMS: Crossing the Sea
MBM: On the Ship and A Big Storm

Theme: If we make bad choices, the Spirit leaves us.
Scripture: 1 Nephi 18:16

Song: CS #160


(1) For the introduction, act out this story. You’ll need to modify the number of characters based on your family, but we have a Storyteller, a Liahona (that would be me, with arms whirling madly), Laman, and Nephi. I made nametags (construction paper–or destruction paper, as it is known around here with string through it) for the actors. And, yes, you will need rope to tie Nephi to the boat.

(2) The Friend has a flannel board of this story in the November 2000 issue.

(3) I’d suggest a good discussion about the consequences of making choices.

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  1. Fix
    August 2, 2004 at 5:02 pm


  2. November 10, 2004 at 3:19 am

    I was wondering if you guys would be interested in highering our Brass Quintet for any occasions. We do everything. Any song or style you want, just say the word. Everything from Bach to Harry James to the Beatles. Just let us know! We do weddings, private parties, church services, receptions, you name it. Thanks for your time.

    Alexander Dechenne (leader of the Regalia Brass Quintet)

  3. Tim Balcombe
    November 25, 2004 at 11:01 pm

    Boy oh boy,
    I am a loyal morman and have been for many years. Every week I gather my family (all 6 children and wife and grandmother) to talk about religion and how we are truly blessed in this world. I always keep my family closely knit together. This is a great place to take my son or daughter to when we are learning how to use the internet. I just want to thank you for having such a wonderful website.
    Tim Balcombe

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