Book of Mormon Family Home Evening Lesson Ten

MBM: There is a Christ
BMS: Jacob and Sherem

Theme: You can increase in testimony.
Scripture: Jacob 7:10-11


(1) We reviewed Lehi’s family tree for a while to explain that the torch has been passed to Jacob.

(2) We talked about how Jacob couldn’t have stood up to Sherem without a strong testimony. We talked about some of the things that we do in our families to strengthen our testimonies.

(3) For slightly older children, you might want to print out “Jacob and Sherem” from the Ferbruary 1990 Friend and cut up the pictures (with or without the wording beneath) and have your kids put the story in order. (You may want to leave out some of the panels, it is a long story.)

(4) The May 1991 Friend has a great game called “Road to a Testimony.” (By the way, if you feel that family games drag on forever, go to a teacher supply store and buy a ten-sided die to use instead of the six-sided standard.) I mount all of the games that we use in file folders, with a small ziploc bag taped in to hold any cards–which I paste onto construction paper for durability).

2 comments for “Book of Mormon Family Home Evening Lesson Ten

  1. Frank McIntyre
    August 16, 2004 at 10:46 am

    The ten sided die is a nice idea, but do those teacher supply stores carry the infamous 20-sided die of Dungeons and Dragons fame? Now there’s something to keep the games moving!

    Another option would be to just roll more 6 sided dice for each turn.

    By the way, Julie, we tried the Nephi on the boat lesson and it went over well with our four year old. Our two year old didn’t feel like spinning, she just wanted to sit on Nephi’s lap. I’d call it a success.

  2. Marili Potts
    September 6, 2004 at 12:49 am

    I have tried finding the May 1991 Road to a Testimony Game and I can only find the game pieces on the internet. Do you know where I can get a copy?
    Thank you
    Sacramentoo CA

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