Book of Mormon Family Home Evening Lesson Sixteen

BMS: Alma’s Mission
MBM: Alma’s Mission

Theme: We can be missionaries.

Scripture: Alma 8:10


(1) CS #174
(2) We read Matthew 4:19 and discussed it. Then we played a fishing game. I cut out a dozen fish (OK, you kind of have to use your imagination to think they are fish. Imagine a triangle colliding with an oval.) and wrote the following on them:
–learn to work hard
–learn to cook seven meals
–give money to the missionary fund
–save money
–be a good example
–feed the missionaries
–study the scriptures
–encourage others to serve missions
–be friendly
–keep the commandments
–tell people about Jesus
–gain a testimony
Then, we made a fishing pole (stick and string) with a magnet on the end. The kids took turns fishing and we discussed how each fish helps you prepare to be a missionary.

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  1. October 6, 2004 at 1:47 am

    Thanks Julie–we had family home evening with a real lesson reading an actual scripture for the first time in weeks. I added a “good manners” fish, I guess because I can never resist promoting my own agenda in there somewhere when I do Family Home Evening.
    Big hit with the ages 2 to 10 crowd, my kids’ demographic. I guess from now until the oldest gets jaded, I’m in the golden age for FHE. Thanks for making it happen.

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