From the Archives: What Are You Doing on December 23rd?

When I wrote this post two years ago, its title was an open-ended question. This year, at least, there is a reasonably official Mormon answer.

The commemorative broadcast has caused some members of the Bloggernacle concern: partly because of fears over what others will think of a big, churchwide event so close to Christmas which honors Joseph Smith rather than Jesus Christ, and partly just because the proximity of the broadcast to the holiday itself is a little disruptive. What should we make of “Smithmas?,” they thoughtfully ask. For my part, I’m looking forward to the broadcast, and actually really hope that it helps to jump-start a more regular and ritualized commemoration of Joseph Smith in the church–but then, I’m a nut for holidays. Still, there are some valid concerns out there. When we discussed this matter before, some similar concerns were voiced, and some similar solutions proposed (such as turning June 27th, the day Joseph was murdered, into our own Mormon Martyrs’ Day–I’d be in favor of that too). Anyway, check out the thread–but if you have something to add, say it there, not here.