Around the Blogs: DMI on Happiness

Bloggernacle old-timer DMI has a great discussion going on right now about a complicated set of themes: Should we be seeking happiness, or seeking knowledge? What can we do when our brain contradicts our heart? Is it really possible to find happiness or consistency (or both) in the church, and/or through the sometimes maddeningly inconsistent connect-the-dots of spiritual experiences? Current discussants include Dave himself and Jane Doe, whose recent comments at T&S highlighted some of these issues. Are you intrigued yet? (Or should I give up blogging and go work for Starbucks?) Go check out “Happiness” at DMI.

UPDATE a few hours later (since my co-bloggers will kill me if I put up a third ATB post tonight): FMH-Lisa has a really good post on the same topic. A sample: “What kind of freak is happy all the time? . . . Wipe that smile off your face right now. Life sucks.” . . . “Rather than taking these moments of unhappiness as just a fact of life, because life sucks, we take them very personally. As a sign of our unrighteousness, our lack of faith, our personal weakness.” (Really good stuff, Lisa!) Anyway, what are you still doing reading my ATB post, reader? Go read Lisa’s post. (Or Dave’s. Or both!)

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  1. Kaimi Wenger
    January 25, 2006 at 1:11 am

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