Primary Lesson 25 Supplement

Primary Lesson 25 Supplement

ATTENTION ACTIVITY: Draw a simple illustration of a woman being visited by an angel on the chalkboard. Ask the children which story is pictured and make a list of possibilities, including: Hagar and the angel (Genesis 16 and 18), Manoah’s wife and the angel (Judges 13), Mary and the angel (Luke 1), Mary and the angel (Luke 24). You also may want to read Alma 32:23.

ATTENTION ACTIVITY FOR THE BRAVE: Bring a raw egg, a bowl, diaper wipes, and antibacterial hand cleanser. Select a student to hold the egg over the bowl and close her/his hand around it. Tell them that if they apply pressure equally, the egg is very difficult to break. Then allow them to press on the egg with two fingers and break it. Point out that, like the egg, all people have some strong aspects and some weak aspects and that today you will be learning about Samson who was very strong in some ways and very weak in others.

STORYTELLING CRAFT: Make Samson’s head from a paper plate with brown strands of yarn attached for hair. At the appropriate time, allow a child to come cut off the hair—be sure that they cut it near the ‘root.’ Be sure that your students understand that Samson’s strength wasn’t in his long hair, but that it was an indication that he was keeping his covenant. Ask the children what some sources of our strength are today (paying tithing, keeping the Word of Wisdom, listening to the prophet, etc.) Allow them to retie a strand of hair to the head for each one they can tell you until all the hair is re-attached. When this is done, you can talk about how retying the hair is like repentance. (You could also have each student make their own Samson head during the lesson.)

ILLUSTRATING THE STORY: One a sheet of paper, make eight circles. You will need one of these sheets for each child in the class. Tell them that as you teach the story, they will illustrate it on their sheets and direct them as to what to draw in each circle. (For example, the first circle could show the angel visiting Manoah’s wife.)

SIGNS OF COVENANTS: The August 1998 Friend (“Sharing Time: Keeping My Promise�) has an activity with great illustrations about signs of covenants.

RAINBOW ACTIVITY: You will need a sheet of construction paper for each color of the rainbow. Cut each sheet into strips so that each student in your class can have one strip. Explain that after the Flood, the rainbow was a sign of the covenant just like Samson’s hair was a sign of his covenant. Have the children write down one idea on each strip of paper that will help them be strong in keeping their covenants.

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