Conference Plug: Mormons and the Internet

Want to be discussed, dear reader? Engage in naval gazing? Hear voices and see faces of names you’ve only read and intellectually crushed on? A reminder of the conference to be held at UVU on Thursday and Friday and appropriately live-streamed over the internet, featuring various luminaries from all corners as John Dehlin (of Mormon Stories), Joanna Brooks (various), Ardis Parshall (Keepapitchinin and others), Scott Gordon (of FAIR), David Charles (of Patheos), James Faulconer, Patrick Mason, Jana Reiss, and others.

Joanna Brooks and Jana Reiss will be doing readings on Wednesday, and it’s not clear if those will be broadcast.

See here for complete info.

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  1. Velikiye Kniaz
    March 28, 2012 at 7:15 pm

    Naval gazing?!? Is that watching U.S. warships on maneuvers from a hot air balloon? I think that is “navel” gazing…for which there is a corollary Naval comment that best not be repeated in this venue.

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