Kristine Haglund

My name is Kristine Haglund, and yes, I’m related to all the Haglunds you’ve ever met–I’m the oldest daughter of Richard (the oldest son of Richard and Grettle of SLC) and Carol Ann, sister to Rich, Evan, J.B., and Erika, cousin to another 47 Haglunds. I’ve lived in Huntsville, Alabama; Chapel Hill, North Carolina; Los Alamos, New Mexico; Marburg, Germany; Nashville, Tennessee; Boston/Cambridge, Massachusetts; Irvine, California; Ann Arbor, Michigan; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; and Pleasanton, California, in roughly that order.

I am also, to my continuing amazement, the mother of three adorable and highly entertaining children, Peter, Louisa, & Samuel. We now live in Swampscott, Massachusetts, a nice little seaside town (despite its unfortunate-sounding name) on Boston’s North Shore. We love it here, though we despair of our children ever learning to speak proper English on the Nawth Shawa.

At church, I do lots of music callings and I’m in the Relief Society Presidency. The calling I aspire to–Primary pianist.

My academic credentials include an A.B. from Harvard in German Studies and an M.A. from the University of Michigan in German Literature. Having thus squandered my youth, I’m hoping to finish a Ph.D. in something practical, like musicology or religion. [Of course, first I have to finish my advanced coursework in Potty Training the Extremely Stubborn Child, Nutrition for People Who Only Eat Plain Noodles and Goldfish Crackers, Essentials of Stripping 1970s-Era Wallpaper, and Extended Survival Without Sleep]. If I were braver, I would do a degree in choral conducting–I spent more time in college in choir rehearsals than in classes. I also play violin and piano. I love Brahms, Bach, Bruckner, Vaughan Williams, Palestrina, and Mendelssohn, roughly in that order. (And I’ve already publicly confessed my weakness for ABBA).