Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Just returned from the Turkey Bowl: Young Men v. Elder’s Quorum. Fortunately, we had a missionary on our team who had played for Dixie JC prior to his mission. But the star of the show was … my wife!!! She was the only woman in the game, and once the game was through, the other team was accusing us of bringing a ringer. She batted down several passes and snagged one of only three interceptions in the game. Favorite play: Elders have the ball on YM’s one yard line. Yours truly is playing center. I hike the ball to our JC star, who feeds it back to me for a center sneak. Touchdown! The game ended in an tie after our JC player received a stitches-worthy cut over his eye. Other than my sore back, that was the only injury on the day. Now, on to the turkey!!!