Safe Site for Kids?

I was just at The Wiggles web site (The Wiggles is a television show that my children watch sometimes). The site has a prominently displayed Net Nanny approval sticker (“This Site is Safe for Kids”). It also has a prominently displayed link to the Australian Breastfeeding Association (careful: link includes breastfeeding pictures).

Huh? A Safe for Kids approved site which is a click away from topless women? I realize that breast-feeding is not the same as pornography, but I think many parents would prefer to control whether their children are viewing women’s breasts.

And yes, I also realize that Net Nanny would probably block me (if I had it installed) if I tried to click the breastfeeding link. Still, a “kids site” which has a link button to a “boobies site” is a combination that strikes me as very puzzling.