Ben Olson

If you do not know the name Ben Olson, you are not a BYU football fan. A few years back, he was the No. 1 high school football prospect in the land, and he chose to attend BYU. After one year as a “redshirt” player (meaning that he did not use one of his years of college eligibility), Ben decided to go on a mission, and he was called to Canada. ESPN recently published a story about his mission. This is from the author of the story:

“Ben said something during our interview that stuck with me,” Wojciechowski said later. “He said, ‘Some things you pay a price to do, and you don’t count the consequences.’ Ben isn’t counting the consequences this might have on his own playing career, or on the careers of others. I respect that sort of commitment.”

Me, too.

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2 comments for “Ben Olson

  1. Gordon,

    Nice link, nice story. I can’t believe 20 people comment on Saddam but no one has commented on a football post. I’ll give it the old college try.

    Remember Ted Williams? Writers just fall all over themselves praising him for interrupting his pro career to serve as a Marine during Korea. And Ted had a nice-paying job to come back to.

    Yet hundreds of talented Mormon college athletes do the equivalent of that every year, with no guarantee of coming home with their health and talent intact. It’s nice the ESPN writer figured out these athlete-missionaries generally give up more than they get. We wish them the best–in the field and on the field.

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