T&S = Instructor’s Manual

I just returned from a conference in Oregon, and found an email from a T&S regular, who related a story about her husband using one of our discussions to teach a Seminary class. I have done the same thing (several times), and I was wondering whether anyone else has had a similar experience. Do you ever use the insights gained here in teaching?

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  1. Gordon,

    We get a number of people coming based on searches every week for “LDS Sunday School Lesson” and the like. I think Jim’s Sunday School lessons in particular are used by many people to prepare.

  2. I find T&S to be an excellent resource for lesson material. A good example is the “STQ: Material Prosperity” discussion. There were some truly insightful comments made in that thread which fit well with a lesson I recently taught on the topic. Those comments (I quoted some of you) helped the class approach the subject in a different way and allowed them to better square their thoughts on wealth, prosperity, etc. with gospel principles.

    I understand the tone of T&S is one that typically looks at the deeper, more metaphysical levels of gospel understanding, and I wouldn’t want that to change. A suggestion: I wonder if every so often the collective wisdom and brainpower of this group could be focused on solving some of the more day-to-day challenges we face as church members. For example, how do I solve the 50% home teaching issue once and for all (or should I quit beating myself up about it)? How do I delegate effectively, i.e. in a way that doesn’t create more work for me? Is there a ward out there that has figured out the whole priesthood committee thing? These are priesthood-related matters, but the same types of questions could be posed for other church organizations. My guess is there are lots of us out there who could benefit from such discussions.

  3. Kaimi, if they are coming to T&S for my Sunday School materials, they don’t seem to be referred here by another blog site. So I’m skeptical as to how many people use this site for Sunday School lesson material. Clearly some do. With others, Julie and Melissa and I have been talking about how to teach this week’s lesson (http://timesandseasons.org/archives/000504.html#005518). But I would bet that most who use either Gordon’s or my stuff for teaching are people who are already fairly regular at T&S and who also teach the Gospel Doctrine class or a seminary class.

  4. I use them when I participate in Gospel Doctrine class discussions. I see them as a kind of GD Cliff Notes. They are very much appreciated, too.

  5. Jim,

    I link to your questions every week over at Nauvoo.com, so some people may be coming from there.

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