Who is Julie?

Unlike some of our other bloggers, Julie has been remarkably prompt in providing the administrators of this site (also known from time to time as “The Quataverate” or sometimes simply as “The Big Four”) with biographical information and a picture. Hence, I am pleased to announce the the “Julie Smith” link on the side bar is fully operational. Have you ever longed for an answer to that all consuming question, “Who is Julie Smith?” Your long wait is over. Just click here.

5 comments for “Who is Julie?

  1. Yeah, but Nate, it was easier for Julie–she’s actually accomplished and interesting!! I had to make up more stuff :)

  2. I like the clever distinction in Julie’s bio between buying books and reading them, which for me are two different groups of books. It’s like once I buy a book and put it on my shelf it loses all appeal, but ones from the library (three weeks, then gone forever) get read. Once I figured this out I started saving lots of money at the bookstore, although I probably make the “top ten library fines” list at two different libraries.

  3. Dave, you’re ahead of me in overcoming your self-deception. I still buy books believing that I really will read them. I keep them piled is a separate place so that they won’t get lost in the shelved and already read books. The pile grows taller with no prospects for getting smaller.

  4. I am so slow in getting to my stack of books that sometimes professors completely abandon their theory before I get around to reading the book in which it was articulated. This happened most recently with David Brink’s _Moral Realism_. Of course, now I’ll have to read his book so I know what he thinks is wrong with it.

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