A small milestone

We passed a small milestone (so small I didn’t notice exactly when it happened) in the past few days. We now have our first mega-commenter; Clark Goble has passed the 1000 comment mark. Next in line (barring a surge of comments from Brent, Steve, or Bob) is likely to be Lyle Stamps (proud operator of a newish blog, I should note), who about 300 comments shy of a thousand.

8 comments for “A small milestone

  1. Well Kaimi, if you fixed the meter so that it tracked both my former and new email addresses, I think you’d see that I am an up-and-coming guy around here….

  2. Good point. I thought at 1,000 points you won some kind of T&S T-shirt or something… don’t these comments work like tickets awarded at Skeeball?

  3. Clark,

    Given the overall quality of your posts, it’s definitely something to be proud of.

    Keep it up (if your employment permits it)!


  4. Steve,

    The single most complicated script on the entire blog is the one that combines e-mail addresses for counting purposes. I don’t really understand it very well, and I can barely get it to work (it works for the master list, but I can’t get it to work consistently for the month-by-month breakdown). Also, I have to manually modify it for any new e-mail that is to be combined with another. (And the more e-mails that are to be combined, the bigger and more unweildy the whole thing gets).

    You’re already being counted at both hotmail and gmail. (The others who are being counted at more than one address are Matt, Clark, and Greg). How many e-mail addresses do you use for posting, anyway?

  5. And despite periodic, dark predictions that T&S will be overrun by mediocre commenters as it becomes ever-more popular, it seems to me the discussions have just gotten more interesting! (tho admittedly not always easy to plow through)

  6. Kaimi: thanks for the kind mention. ’tis nice to have your own e-space; although i prefer mine spartan (lazy) to date. note, i have no desire to surpass clark; nor hope, in either quality or quantity. :)

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