Author: Craig H.

Craig was born and raised in California, then started moving around. He has since lived, for various periods, in Belgium, New Jersey, Utah, Idaho, France, The Netherlands, Sweden, and England, suggesting that he was either in the military, in the diplomatic corps, or never had a real job. It was the latter. By profession he is a historian, especially of religious history. Others doubt the jobness of this job because it requires a lot of travel to Europe and frequent restorative visits to cafés. He doubts the jobness of the job because he is also a historian by inclination, as he tends to view just about any question or issue or topic in historical terms, just for fun. This inclination and the frequent travel have convinced him that you see your own world a little more clearly when you leave it regularly, both in time and in space. For other fun he reads a lot of novels and religion (favorites include E. M. Forster, J. F. Power, Anne Tyler, Truman Capote, Peter Brown, and especially, if not very originally, Jane Austen), plays a lot less sport than he used to or than the AMA recommends, follows his kids around, watches foreign films, and talks with willing family and friends.

How Sacred is Conscience?

Any guest or new blogger obviously runs the risk of repeating topics that have been worn into the ground. Apologies in advance if that is the case here, but it seemed to me that possibly missing in the current debate, er, discussion, over a certain issue in California and how church members ought to respond to it, is more explicit treatment of the question of conscience.