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A Look at the Political Affiliations of Some Prominent Members

A friend recently drew my attention to a new website that catalogs Utah voter registration data in a searchable format that was purportedly purchased from the Herbert administration. After checking the voter registration data of a few friends and acquaintances, I thought it would be interesting to identify the party registrations of some prominent members of the Church. Any other fun finds to add to the list? First Presidency Thomas S. Monson, registered Republican Henry B. Eyring, registered Republican Dieter F. Uchtdorf, unaffiliated voter Quorum of the Twelve Boyd K. Packer, registered Republican L. Tom Perry, registered Republican Russell M. Nelson, registered Republican Dallin H. Oaks, registered Republican M. Russell Ballard, registered Republican Richard G. Scott, registered Republican Robert D. Hales, registered Republican Jeffrey R. Holland, registered Republican David A. Bednar, unaffiliated voter Quentin L. Cook, unaffiliated voter D. Todd Christopherson, unaffiliated voter Neil L. Anderson, registered Republican Relief Society General Board Linda K. Burton, unaffiliated voter Carole M. Stephens, registered Republican Linda S. Reeves, registered Republican Others Gary E. Stevenson (Presiding Bishop), registered Republican H. David Burton (former Presiding Bishop), registered Republican Steven E. Snow (current Church historian), registered Democrat Larry Echohawk (general authority, former Obama cabinet member), unaffiliated voter Sheri Dew (CEO of Deseret Book), registered Republican Marlin K. Jensen (emeritus general authority), unaffiliated voter Cecil O. Samuelson (President of BYU), unaffiliated voter Bronco Mendenhall (BYU Football Coach), registered Republican Thurl Bailey (former NBA star), registered Republican Donny Osmond (singer/actor), registered Republican Robert Kirby (Salt Lake Tribune…

Christmas Devotional 2008

President Uchtdorf said that the angels came to the shepherds, the poor, not to the rich. At one point in my life that would have bugged me. Today I realized that the rich should want it that way. If you’re wealthy and still looking for something, you don’t want to be told that your wealth is all there is.