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Mother’s Day: My talk

It’s hard to strike the right balance, between affirming Moms who really need to be told that they made a good decision; and letting others (especially women) know that they’re okay, too. Last year, I gave this talk. It worked well in my ward, I think. It shows one way of trying to navigate the tension.

Mother’s Day: The Sea all Water

“Motherhood rose around me like a tide in the weeks after my daughter’s birth,” begins Rosalynde’s 2005 post The Sea All Water. “Each night advanced toward me, implacable as a wave, my panic and dread rising like froth up a beach until the moment of submersion, when, wondrously, I found I could float. Few things in life have come to me as arduously as motherhood came, and nothing else has revealed itself as suddenly.” (more…)

Week of Mother’s Day

For the week leading to Mothers Day, I’m going to post a variety of links, talks, and other related materials. We welcome your comments as we try to highlight some discussions about mothers, motherhood, and Mother’s Day.