About Times and Seasons

Times and Seasons has been the premier source for Mormon blogging since its inception late 2003. The blog was founded by four LDS attorneys (Matt Evans, Adam Greenwood, Nathan Oman, and Kaimipono Wenger) after a series of e-mail discussions, at a time when the LDS blog world consisted of a few solo blogs and one small group. Times and Seasons stepped into that gap with flair. In our first year, we added eleven new bloggers (fortunately almost all non-lawyers) to our original four, and the group wrote over 1200 posts overall. We quickly found ourselves drawing 2000 readers per day and generating hundreds-of-comment discussions.

The nascent Mormon blogosphere also expanded rapidly at that time, with the rapid formation of blogs like By Common Consent, Millennial Star, and Feminist Mormon Housewives (each explicitly drawing on the model and example of Times and Seasons). An early discussion at Times and Seasons also led to the creation of the name “Bloggernacle” to describe the growing world of LDS blogs.

Since then, the bloggernacle has grown to include dozens of blogs (including aggregators), tens of thousands of readers, and a popular Mormon Times column. Times and Seasons has continued steady throughout this time, building popular features like 12 Questions and Essential Texts in Mormon Studies, while continuing to expand and bring aboard new ideas and participants. For instance, in 2009 we became the official partner of The Mormon Review, an electronic magazine helmed by Richard Lyman Bushman.

Times and Seasons currently consists of a score of permanent bloggers, with dozens more emeritus bloggers and former guests. Our former guests include Richard Lyman Bushman, Claudia Bushman, Dan Burk, Fred Gedicks, Matt Grow, Linda Hoffman Kimball, Damon Linker, Blake Ostler, Dan Peterson, Greg Prince, Jana Riess, and Susan Staker. Interviewees include Sen. Robert F. Bennett, Todd Compton, Sally Gordon, Ken Jennings, Armand Mauss, Neil LaBute, Marvin Perkins, Brandon Sanderson, and the LDS Newsroom.

Welcome. Take a look around. Make a comment (but please make sure that you follow our comment policies). E-mail us at [email protected]. We hope you enjoy the site as much as we do, and we hope you’ll come back often, and tell your friends about us.

Times and Seasons: It’s where the Bloggernacle begins.